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AR Resources has a proven record of success within the Education industry.  We have been assisting colleges, universities, community colleges and proprietary schools` with their student collection accounts since our inception.

Higher education facilities have countless students pass through their halls every year. Keeping track of the debts owed to your institution and ensuring that you collect on your debts can prove exhausting if you attempt to perform student debt collection alone.

Fortunately, with the help of AR Resources, Inc., educational institutions can!

Our team of educational debt collectors works with you and your students to come to a mutually beneficial financial arrangement to get the debts squared away. They ensure that every debt is paid and accounted for so that you and the borrower can focus on the next stages.

Education Debt Collection

AR Resources, Inc. has a proven record of success for organizations within the education industry. Since our inception, we have assisted colleges, universities, community colleges, and proprietary schools with their student collection accounts.

Our dedicated staff of educational debt collectors works with each student borrower to achieve the best possible resolution of their account while protecting our educational clients’ financial stability and reputation. AR Resources, Inc. is committed to being successful in the student loan industry and continuously dedicates our resources in support of that commitment.

Our Services Include:

Debt Collection Company

In the educational industry, institutions require assistance in collecting the debt owed by students who pass through their hallowed halls. Our team has extensive experience with school debt collection and can work with schools and students to find a path forward that works for all parties involved.

If you need help with ongoing school debt collections, don’t wait! Contact our team to learn more about how we can help today! Our team can also help you with healthcare collections and other collections needs as well!


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